The Top 27 Stock Market Memes to Get You Through Your Week

Stock Market Memes featured

Whatever your day looks like, here are the top 27 stock market memes, hand-picked to get you through it. These memes have it all, for the highs and lows of your trading week. Let’s get started, shall we?

Memes for A Soaring Stock Market

We’re starting with the highlight reel: memes for a stock market that just won’t go down. Keep riding the high

1. It’s the Small Things 

Sometimes the small successes feel the biggest:

2. It’s only up from here!

When the market is going higher and higher, it’s hardly gambling.

3. The Payoff

While your friends are sticking to a 1% annual return on their savings, you’re celebrating a 50% return. It’s ok to rub it in.

4. How High?

These days when you say jump, the market asks how high! 

5. The Voice of Reason

Of course, there’s always the voice in your head keeping your feet on the ground.

6. The view from up there…

Like a rollercoaster, sometimes we shouldn’t look too far ahead.

7. Look on the bright side!

While not every day will have you reaping the rewards, look on the bright side.

Crashing Stock Market Memes

What goes up must come down. At least you can have the last laugh with these memes.

8. Late Night Thoughts

A crashing market is definitely enough to keep us up at night.

9. No One is Safe

At least you can blame the market, and not your experience.

10. Not your First Rodeo

Even though some of you have definitely been on this ride before.

11. A Step Ahead

And some of us were never riding the high to begin with. 

12. Worse than Divorce?

Although, you could be broke and footing the bill for a divorce lawyer.

13. There is no “rock bottom”

Don’t jinx it!

14. All you can do is brace yourself

If it’s really bad, your butt might be all you have left!

15. Should have listened

We all have a friend who thinks a crash is just around every corner.

16. Just Your Luck

Some of us just have really terrible luck when it comes to the stock market.

17. Make Lemonade

For the new kids on the trading scene, a dip or crash can be just the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

18. Don’t Overreact

It definitely shouldn’t come to this! Just ride out the crash, or snag some stocks “on sale”.

Stock Market Memes for Day Traders

We’ve all heard the debate, day trading versus buy and hold. These memes are relatable whatever you decide to do.

19. What is “outside”?

When you’re a day trader, the outside world can seem like a very strange place.

20. What is “free time”?

When the stock market closes on Friday afternoon, you might not know what to do with yourself.

21. Expectations vs. Reality

Sometimes the results aren’t quite what you expected.

22. Maybe they have a point…

Some strategy analysis never hurts, especially if you start feeling like everyone else is doing better!

23. Risky Business

Sometimes day trading feels like living life on the edge.


24. It’s all about perspective

Feeling discouraged? Think about how others see you for a minute.


Stock Market Memes for People who don’t “get it”

Not everyone understands the appeal or strategies of the stock market. These memes are for them!

25. Nothing is Real

It all looks phony when you don’t understand the market.


26. No Rhyme or Reason

Either way, at least you aren’t losing money!


27. At this point, I’m afraid to ask

By now, you either get it or you don’t.


That’s all, folks! 27 top tier stock market memes for you to pass around this week. Did we miss your favorite? Sound off in the comments. 

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